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Both caregiver and Alzheimer’s patient can suffer from mental health issues. Here’s what you need to know to stay strong.

Making Your Best Life

Making Your Best Life


I’m from California and when I first moved to Montreal, my husband and I had a deal that we would return to my hometown after 10 years.

Well, I’ve been here for thirteen and a half years and there are no signs of returning.  Truthfully, between years nine and 12, I was angry and bitter that our plans were not moving forward. I felt trapped. Sure I had a good job and friends, but there were so many things that I missed from home, mainly my family, the weather and the beach. I was not living the life I wanted.

Finally, about one and a half years ago, I made a decision to make the best of my life in Montreal and stop longing for something that did not look like it was going to happen. What is so interesting about this decision is that it forced me to start looking at my life in new ways. I found more beauty and joy in the present moments and even created new experiences and relationships that have enhanced my life greatly. I took a situation in which I felt “trapped” and have turned it into a life I love and frankly, would have a hard time leaving!

When our lives are not what we had hoped, when we are in situations or relationships which are not bringing us all of our dreams what can we do to live our best life? Today’s guest on Caregivers’ Circle, author of DANCE: Five Steps to Living Your Best Life and host of Parenting with Passion, Deborah DeJong, will share her advice on how to change the way we think, behave and make decisions in order to live our best life.

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