Physical activity can cut the risk of Alzheimer’s and improve your health. Here’s everything you need to know.

10 fabulous exercises for you and your charge

10 fabulous exercises for you and your charge


Don’t give up: Sit up. Move your arms. Embrace the day.

Alzheimer’s Europe is one of the many great websites with advice on how to live better and longer. Here are 10 exercises both you and your loved one can do, devised by Dr. Hanna Jedrkiewicz.

The only thing you need to remember to make this magic work is … compliance, compliance, compliance. (That’s the hardest work of all.)

To begin, give the instructions slowly, clearly and calmly.

The carer and the person with dementia should sit facing each other in a well-aired room and do the exercises together.

Start with 3-4 exercises repeating them 10 times. Slowly the programme can be broadened.

The extercises should not last longer than 20 minutes. If the person enjoys them, they can be repeated twice a day, with differenct sets of exercises.

The person should be encouraged patiently. Music can also be added to make the exercises more enjoyable.

The first results can be expected after 3 weeks, both in carers and people with dementia.

Here we go

  • Spread your arms : breathe in; Arms down : breathe out.
  • Left shoulder up : breathe in; Shoulder down : breathe out Do the same with your right shoulder Both shoulders up : breathe in; Down : Breathe out.
  • Tilt your head back : breathe in; Tilt it forward : breathe out. Turn your head to the left : breathe in; Turn it to the right : breathe out.
  • Bend your upper body to the sides : breathe in – breathe out; Bend it to the front : breathe in – breathe out; Turn your upper body to the left and right : breathe in – breathe out.
  • Sitting march: Lift your right knee up : breathe in; Put your foot down: breathe out; Lift your knee up: breathe in; Down: breathe out.
  • Stretch your legs out: Left leg: breathe in – breathe out; Right leg: breathe in – breathe out: Both legs: breathe in – breathe out.
  • Exercise your feet: Cross your legs; Rotate your foot : to the left – to the right.
  • Exercise your hands: Rubbing, massaging, pressing, bending your fingers; Rotate your wrists.
  • Take a deep breath in : then a long and slow breath out. Take a deep breath in : then a quick and forceful breath out.
  • Stand on your tip-toes : breathe in; Bend your knees until you are squatting : breathe out.

For more on recreation, activities and exercise, go to Alzheimer Europe.


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