The Future is Here

Despite all this cool analysis, the bottle is open. The genie is out.

Today [Dec. 3, 2014] the 23andme genetic test went on sale for 125 pounds sterling across the pond. The Independent's editor Oliver Duff wrote:

"While consumer genetic testing  can get messy – accidentally exposing skeletons in the family closet, for example – the reality is that these kits are here to stay.

"The boss of 23andMe argues that the test will 'empower' people to  make informed choices about their health and lifestyle, if they realise they may be more susceptible to Alzheimer’s, cancer or diabetes. Maybe.

"But the test doesn’t offer certainties – just identifies risks – so some people will only be empowered to worry."

Meanwhile, on April Fool's Day, the company said it had discovered a 24th chromosome and was renaming itself 24andme. Hmm.


  1. Would you take the test?
  2. Would you tell your kids, and if so, at what age?
  3. If you knew your kids were predisposed to Alzheimer's, would you start setting up financial resources for them now?

Further Reading: New Research Shows Genetic Risk for Developing Alzheimer's (Dec. 3, 2014)



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