Nourishing yourself and your charge is not always an easy task; these nutrition tips will help you stay healthy.

TIPS: Boosting Mom’s Appetite

TIPS: Boosting Mom’s Appetite

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Many people with Alzheimer’s have significantly reduced appetites. So how can you convince your loved one to eat?

1. Choose Timing. It isn’t necessary to eat at standard meal times. If the person is awake at night, try serving nighttime snacks.

2. Keep Warm. Food that’s gone cold can be unpleasant. Serve several smaller portions so that food stays warm, or reheat using a microwave.

3. Don’t Assume. The person may not be finished, even if they’ve stopped eating. They may be taking a break.

4. Gentle Reminders. The person may forget some of the steps involved in eating. If the person doesn’t open their mouth as food approaches, prompt them to do so. Or guide their hand to their mouth to remind them of the necessary steps.

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