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TIPS: Helping Kids Navigate Alzheimer’s

TIPS: Helping Kids Navigate Alzheimer’s

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When your child’s grandparent is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s:

1. Be Honest. Give children a simple explanation of AD, and the changes they can expect to see.

2. Help Connect. Encourage your child to continue their relationship to grandparent through activities like reading, going for walks or listening to music together.

3. Keep Talking. Be ready to answer questions as time goes on. Check in using specific questions. Don’t ask, “Are you okay?” Say, “You seemed upset last time we saw Grampa. What was bothering you?”

4. Share Strategies. Let your child know how you cope with your own anxiety or sadness. This can help them develop strategies of their own.

5. Self-Care. Make sure to take time for yourself. Taking time to rest will allow you to better balance caring for your parent and your child.

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