How to deal with certain behaviors and habits of your charge.

Emergency! How to deal with distress, from Teepa Snow

Emergency! How to deal with distress, from Teepa Snow


This clip is an excerpt from “Improving Emergency Services for Dementia Patients,” which is a training DVD for Emergency Personnel with dementia expert Teepa Snow.

Teepa Snow is an occupational therapist and dementia expert who trains and consults for healthcare professionals and families privately. She has extensive experience as the keynote speaker at dementia conferences, presenting single sessions to small groups, as well as all-day in-depth trainings.

These emergency tips on how to handle a dementia patient in distress or who is confused are powerful and can be used by anyone.

This training DVD includes:

  1. Ways of recognizing symptoms of dementia and knowing how to reduce stress
  2. How to best communicate with a person with dementia
  3. How to best help the person with dementia in cases of abuse, neglect, fraud, theft, wandering, elopement, and medical emergencies
  4. Educates viewer on Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia
  5. How to use a positive physical approach in interactions for improved outcomes
  6. Ways to get a person with dementia to cooperate and follow instructions

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