Be a Caregiver’s Hero

Alzlive is a free, digital magazine specifically designed for the family caregivers of people living with dementia.

Alzlive Sponsorships offer businesses a unique opportunity to engage with the Caregiver market to build your brand, develop customer relationships and drive business. Our unique Distributed Digital Publishing model provides today’s modern marketer with the benefits they are looking for including

  1. Access to large & valuable audiences visiting Alzlive
  2. Premium AlzLive Digital content published on your web properties & promoted on Alzlive
  3. Search Engine Trust for your web properties
  4. Organic & Referral Traffic to your web properties
  5. Ecommerce & Business Activity via links throughout Alzlive content

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To learn more, please contact:

Goodwin Gibson – Managing Publisher
Phone: 416.560.2483
Email: goodwin@alzlive.com