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You the caregiver need to kick back (when you can) and get in touch with life. Do it! (Guilt free.)

Thanksgiving Prayer for Caregivers

Thanksgiving Prayer for Caregivers

Thank you for loving me enough to take care of me.

Thank you for the times your meal is cold, because you make mine first.

Thank you for the times you wake up at night to check that I am safely sleeping.

Thank you for the times you worry about me, pray for me, want the best for me.

Thank you for the times you are strong for me, advocate on my behalf and fight for me.

Thank you for the times you patiently put up with me when I’m difficult.

Thank you for putting my needs first when it feels like yours always come last.

Thank you for the times you forgive me when I hurt you with my words or my actions.

Thank you for the times you go without a hug, a thank you, a kiss or a smile from me.

Thank you for being there for me even when I can no longer do the same for you.

Thank you for staying right beside me, even though being together may make you feel more alone.

Thank you for loving me enough to take care of me.

When Caring Takes Courage: A Compassionate, Interactive Guide for Alzheimer's and Dementia Caregivers

Mara’s passion and life’s work has been to learn the best practices which capable caregivers (both professional and family member) use to find success, joy and hope in the face of this devastating disease and find a way to share that information with those who deal with dementia on a day-to-day basis. She is the 2015 Jefferson Award Recipient: Outstanding Public Service, and the 2015 Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Award Recipient: Outstanding Public Service on Behalf of and Throughout the United States. She continues to be an active speaker and advocate for those impacted by dementia worldwide. Learn more about her work at: www.whencaringtakescourage.com.

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