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Making a splash!

Making a splash!


Check out these three remarkable individuals, from a photographer to a runner (not your ordinary runner) and their brag-worthy achievements. You’ll glow.

Bob Wellington

People living with Alzheimer’s do lead productive and active lives.

Bob Wellington, a former communications officer for president Jimmy Carter, is a perfect example.

Earlier this year, the Washington resident met with lawmakers in Olympia and pushed them to support a Senate bill to develop a state Alzheimer’s disease plan to improve services and support for people living with the disease.

The bill, signed by Governor Jay Inslee on March 27, authorizes legislation for a Washington State Alzheimer’s Disease Plan.

Read more about Bob Wellington’s story here

Paul Bulmer

To help raise funds for Alzheimer’s Research UK, Paul Bulmer recently ran a 10k race in Helsby, England.

That’s no ordinary task for the 55-year-old who has a rare visual variant of Alzheimer’s disease called posterior cortical atrophy.

Unlike Alzheimer’s, individuals with PCA typically have well-preserved memory, but instead show a decline in visual processing. The condition leaves Bulmer unable to judge depth, distance and speed of traffic.

But thanks to the support of his guide runner and support runners, he completed the race in little over an hour and seven minutes.

Read more about Paul Bulmer’s story here

Diane Beals

Photographer Diane Beals stopped capturing the Faces of Alzheimer’s in the year her father, who had the disease, took his own life.

Since then, however, Beals has once again found comfort in her work for the Alzheimer’s Network of Oregon.

She spent three months snapping portraits of residents at five memory care centers in Salem, Ore., where she’s formed a loving bond with many of her subjects.

Family members are grateful that Beals is able to coax a smile or specific look from her subjects that they haven’t seen in a while.

Read more about Diane Beal’s story here


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