Surprise, Surprise, Surprise

It seemed odd to me, though, since I hadn’t remembered purchasing so many containers of cottage cheese and I’d been taking Mom shopping for nearly a year. I picked up one tub and gave it a shake.

Something rattled inside the plastic tub. Not– cottage cheese, I’m thinking.

I removed several more cottage cheese tubs from refrigerator to counter top, shaking each and knowing whatever was inside was–NOT cottage cheese.

And it wasn’t.

  • The first tub held 3 fried chicken legs.
  • The second tub held a half-cup of fresh corn
  • Then 2 slices of bread
  • 3 boiled eggs
  • Sliced cucumbers
  • Fried okra, and on and on it went. All those cottage cheese tubs held left-overs from many meals, yet mom didn’t remember storing a single one.

Mom’s bottom jaw dropped at the sight of all those bowls– open– revealing their treasures, but not even a spoonful of cottage cheese. We looked at each other and began to giggle, and giggle, and giggle louder.

Our eyes teared and we laughed so hard our stomach muscles ached. Mom had a bowl of fresh fruit piled high on her dining table, and not a single carton of cottage cheese.

That was only one of the lighter moments that came with Alzheimer’s, and there were lots of them.

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