Take a break: It’s not an indulgence. It’s critical to your health and caregiving.

Let grand nature soothe your soul

Let grand nature soothe your soul


When your problems feel big as all outdoors, try going outdoors!

A wonderful post at titled Tiny Humans in The Majesty of Nature gets you outside and out of your carers’ housebound world.

To quote BoredPanda:

“No matter how caught up we get in our stressful day-to-day lives, nature always gives us the perfect place to escape to. The great outdoors have a way of making you seem small and insignificant, and of putting all of your problems into perspective.

“With that in mind, here are some stunning photographs showing just how small we can seem when eclipsed by the powerful wonder of nature.”

Here’s a quote from a poem by William Wordsworth that goes well with these photos:

To her fair works did Nature link//The human soul that through me ran;//And much it grieved my heart to think//What man has made of man.”

You may not have the opportunity to visit some of these epic locations, but these grand photographs will take you out of yourself and give you a moment’s sense of wonder.

So step inside the portal, and be amazed.

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