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New Toronto Website Puts Info at Carers’ Fingertips

New Toronto Website Puts Info at Carers’ Fingertips

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Toronto residents can now find local, up-to-date healthcare information at the click of a mouse. is a newly-launched website that allows both patients and professionals to access healthcare information specific to their region. It aims to make managing caregiving easier by providing carers—particularly newcomers—with all the local healthcare information they may need in a single, easily-accessible place.

While it includes information about a broad range of health issues, the bilingual site offers a number of resources for the caregivers of people with Alzheimer’s and dementia. Caregivers can use the site to search for adult day programsresidential care, hospitals or support groups and organizations, for example.

The site allows local physicians, nurses and healthcare organizations to log on to the site to add information about their own personal services and resources.

Users can then tailor their searches to find the specific healthcare resources they require. For example, users may search for resources close to their area using postal codes, or may look up specific topics such us mental health, or end-of-life care. Video links and maps are included to make the site more interactive.

For caregivers who live in a different city than their loved ones, the website can be used to single out the necessary supports in their charge’s area without having to travel.

The site’s creators hope it will ultimately help to make caregiving less stressful for those who are looking after a loved one in the city, but may not be familiar with the area.

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