The situations shared here are unique to each person, though the questions have a familiar ring, “Is what I’m seeing normal?” “Is anyone else going through this?”  “Does anyone else feel like X when Y happens?”

The stories come into Memory People at a steady pace throughout the day, every day, from all over the world. Some write about what’s going on with their own lives, some offer encouragements to others, while some feel more comfortable simply reading posts and learning in a way that protects their anonymity. All are welcome.

Someone is Always There to Listen

Memory People is a “Closed” Facebook page, which means you have to ask to join - they‘ll simply add you as a member. The reason for the “Closed” designation is that it helps increase the likelihood that what you post in the group will potentially be less visible on your timeline to your Facebook friends.

Memory People succeeds because caregivers never need to leave home, arrange care for a loved one, feel embarrassed sharing stories face to face, or wait a few weeks until the next support group meeting convenes.

Lacking the formality of an orchestrated meeting, there is a freedom to discuss whatever is on anyone’s mind; 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, someone is always online, always “listening.”

Memory People is that rare technological oxymoron, an example of using social media to better connect people that might feel more isolated without it, not because of it.

A virtual “world” that is full of the warmth and closeness and sense of family that often exceeds what we find in the real one.

Visit the Facebook page here.

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