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Dispatches from the inside

Dispatches from the inside


Inside the Dementia Epidemic: A Daughter’s Memoir is the unflinching and hopeful story of one woman’s journey into family caregiving, and a vivid overview of the challenges of Alzheimer’s care.

With the passion of a committed daughter and the fervor of a tireless reporter, Martha Stettinius weaves this compelling story of caregiving for her mother with a broad exploration of the causes of Alzheimer’s disease, means of treating it, and hopes for preventing it.

She shares the lessons she learned over seven years of caregiving at home, in assisted living, a rehabilitation center, a “memory care” facility for people living with dementia, and a nursing home.

She learned not only about how to navigate the elder care system, but how to grow closer to her mother and nurture her mother’s spirit through the most advanced stages of dementia.

Through its intimate scenes and skillful storytelling, “Inside the Dementia Epidemic” is a call to action for better dementia care, more funding for dementia research, and more support for family caregivers.

Inside the Dementia Epidemic

In the appendixes, the author shares facts she wishes she had known years ago, including how to get a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease; what medications are approved to treat the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease; risk factors for dementia, and possible preventive measures; promising explorations in dementia research; the link between insulin resistance, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s disease; the benefits of “memory consultations” and early diagnosis; and national and international movements for more dementia research and better care.

The author includes source notes, resources for caregivers, and an index.

One glowing review by Tom Rinkoski, Caregiver Support Coordinator for Elder Options, a mid-Florida area agency on aging, said: In exploring moving into a care facility, Stettinius points out that “money is certainly one part of it, but certainly not the only segment capturing our worries and anxieties. Next to taking away the car keys this tale is one shared by many caregivers.”

One of‘s 2014 Top Alzheimer’s Books for Caregivers. Winner of the Memoirs category of the 2013 Next Generation Indie Excellence Book Awards. Winner of a silver medal in the Health/Medical category of the 2013 Readers’ Favorite book awards.

You can order Inside the Dementia Epidemic on Amazon. For more books to add to your caregiving library, read Must-Read Books for You, Alz Caregiver.

Martha Stettinius is a blogger and a moderator on Facebook’s USAgainstAlzheimer’s Community.

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