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Top Ten Areas Caregivers Desire More Training

Top Ten Areas Caregivers Desire More Training


The majority of caregivers say they must be actively learning to stay with a company.

85% of caregivers would like more paid training opportunities in the workplace.

myCNAjobs, a Healthcare Research company, announces the top ten areas caregivers desire more caregiver training according to the recently released Q1 2014 Caregiver Trend Report – Retention Edition.

The Q1 2014 Caregiver Trend Report collected data from over 1500 caregivers via a survey, fielded December 12, 2013 to December 13, 2014.

“One of the common themes we’ve seen in all of our research about professional caregivers is the desire for more paid training opportunities,” says Brandi Kurtyka, CEO of Chicago-based myCNAjobs.

We wanted to get under the hood to understand what exactly they’re hungry to learn.

According to the research, caregivers are interested in learning more about:

1. Alzheimer’s and dementia
2. End of life care
3. CPR
4. Creating engaging activities for clients and patients
5. Options to grow within company/career
6. Working with different cultures
7. How to learn from other caregivers like them
8. Wound care

To learn more about the top ten areas caregivers desire more caregiver training or to download the full 16-page Caregiver Trend Report, visit Q1 2014 Caregiver Trend Report.

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Healthcare Research LLC is the strategic source for research, education, and recruiting tools that benefit homecare, assisted living, nursing home, and hospital partners. myCNAjobs, a Healthcare Research company, is a caregiver recruitment vehicle to find rewarding work and hire and retain caregivers, home health aides, and certified nursing assistants more effectively.

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