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Maya Angelou’s words still rise

Maya Angelou’s words still rise


Dr. Maya Angelou, who passed away at the age of 86 at her home in North Carolina in May, was a  poet, author, professor and actress … and also a staunch advocate for Alzheimer’s research.

George Vradenburg, CEO of US Against Alzheimer’s, said, “The Alzheimer’s research movement was fortunate to have Dr. Angelou as a partner in advocating for Alzheimer’s research. She recognized Alzheimer’s as not only a health and economic issue, but also the human rights issue it is.”

In a video she made for the Alzheimer’s Association, she made a stirring plea for research and understanding. Here is her speech:

“When it comes to Alzheimer’s, we’re the number one group who is at once most affected by it and I’m sorry to say the group most reluctant to get help for it.

“Please, if you know someone, if there’s someone in your family who you may think is exhibiting dementia, please, take the person to the doctor.

“See for yourself. there is help and those of us who want to help, must help; and all of us must want to help.

“I know that the Alzheimer’s Association needs funding.

“We need to write to our elected officials and ask them to do what they really must do, which is support all the clinical trials.

“We need the help of those in power so that we can be empowered and then we can empower those who stand most in need.

“Let us remember that we are not our bothers’ keeper—we are our brothers, we are our sisters. And the more we do for someone else—the better we help another person—the better we help ourselves.”

To see the video, go here

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