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My dad with our dog

My dad with our dog


Take a look at this video of a New Mexico man with Alzheimer’s interacting with his dog–and try not to cry.

This short video is called “My Dad With Our Dog” — which makes it sound like your garden-variety, everyday YouTube clip. But together with the backstory, it is a heart-wrencher.

Watch the video here.

The uploader is Lisa Abeyta, a blogger on Mama CEO, Musings, Meanderings and Miscellaney. Abeyta explains that Alzheimer’s took away almost all of her father’s speech, but “this is what happens when he is with our dog.”

On her blog, she goes on to explain: “My parents have two dogs in their home, one of which, Molly, is my father’s constant companion. More than once, I’ve watched him coo and talk to Molly even as his ability to form sentences and find the words he needs to communicate has deteriorated.”

She filmed the video when she dropped by with her own dog, Roscoe.

The video is a tiny perfect thing of beauty. The closing sentiment is the kicker.

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