Plan Early!

Too many families don't discuss future care needs and financial concerns in advance. Sixty-one percent of Alzheimer's caregivers say their loved one neglected to prepare for their care prior to being diagnosed, while fewer than half actually sat down with their family to talk through their financial concerns.

Consequently, the most often mentioned piece of wisdom from long-time Alzheimer's caregivers: plan early and have the tough conversations.

"Every day, Alzheimer's caregivers – many of whom are balancing the needs of aging family members with those of their own children – are confronted by impossible choices," says Buckheit.

"By talking to and connecting with other caregivers who've been in similar situations, these men and women can find practical and emotional support to make the best decisions for their families."

AgingCare.Com runs a great forum, moderated by eldercare consultant Carol Bradley Bursack.

Additional findings:

  • 38% of Alzheimer's caregivers provide more than 30 hours/week of unpaid care.
  • 64% are caring for a parent, while 18% are caring for a spouse.
  • 51% of people with Alzheimer's are living at home and being cared for by a family member, a paid caregiver, or both.

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