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Technology Library Helps Maintain Daily Routine

Technology Library Helps Maintain Daily Routine


A library that allows people with dementia to try out technology products at home celebrates its first birthday.

Established by Sirona Care and Health in Bath, the Memory Technology Library assists people with dementia maintain their daily routine.

Since its conception 12 months ago, it has loaned out 350 simple products designed to make life easier for those living with memory loss.

memory library The team from the Memory Technology Library with Mayor Malcolm Lees

According to Sirona business development lead Julie Sharma, “it is often the small things that can make a huge difference, and this library has certainly helped those who are experiencing memory loss and their carers.”

“The library team and voluntary partners have done a great job of getting the products out into the community.”

“We now have good evidence to the effectiveness of these quite simple technologies and are very pleased that the Clinical Commissioning Group have agreed to fund the service next year.


“This will enable us to reach even more people and support them in choosing the right products for them and their loved ones.”

We now have good evidence to the effectiveness of these quite simple technologies.

The extensive list of items on loan range from a talking tile giving simple instructions to remind someone how to complete a daily activity to a day/night orientation clock.

The project is supported by Designability and the Therapeutic Media Company.

“This has been a real team effort and we are really pleased to have worked with Sirona and all the library partners on a project that has made such a difference to people with dementia and their carers,” notes designability director, Dr. Nigel Harris.

He adds: “Designability is nationally recognised for its innovative work in dementia and this has been a great opportunity to use our knowledge to help people living in our local area.”

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