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Plug In For Peace Of Mind

Plug In For Peace Of Mind

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Remote caregivers seeking peace of mind about their loved ones’ day-to-day well-being can now check in using a quick text message to their tablets or phones, thanks to a new device.

Evermind, from Nashville entrepreneur Dr. Dave Gilbert, allows caregivers to monitor a family member’s home activities … which is useful for those who worry about the dangers of forgetfulness, with dementia or Alzheimer’s.

The concept is simple: Evermind is a small device that plugs into wall outlets, and hooks up to appliances like the coffee maker, television or bedside table lamp. Once the appliances are plugged in, Evermind monitors when each object is turned on or off.

When their loves ones activate or deactivate the plugged-in appliance, Evermind sends a signal to the caregivers to let them know. Signals come in real time in the form of text messages, or emails on tablets and computers.

[My mother] is too young for a medical alert button; that would cramp her style too much.

So, for example,  a signal that the coffee maker has been turned on can let caregivers know their charge has woken up and gotten out of bed safely in the morning. A bedside table lamp turning off can help caregivers rest assured their loved one is safely in bed for the night.

If an appliance isn’t turned on or off as usual, the device will also send an alert to caregivers, letting them know, and alerting them that they may want to check in. Evermind allows caregivers to monitor three devices with three separate wall plug-ins.

With Evermind, Gilbert hopes to alleviate some of the worry and checking-in that remote caregivers feel they constantly have to do, and allow those being cared for to live slightly more independently.

“Mom and Dad feel more secure now that this system is in place,” says one user testimonial on Evermind’s site. “It’s my peace of mind and theirs too. They know that if there is a problem, I’m going to be calling.”

“[My mother] is too young for a medical alert button; that would cramp her style too much,” says another.

The wireless device uses a similar service to cell phones, so users don’t have to have an Internet connection in their homes. It connects to the Verizon network at the moment, but sends notifications to computers and tablets on every network.

The device can be purchased online for $199.99, plus a monthly fee of $29 for wireless data.

For more information on the Evermind, visit their website, or view the video below.

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