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Hot doc: ‘Sheila the loveable’

Hot doc: ‘Sheila the loveable’


A short film produced by BrightStar Care shares the joys and struggles of a 92-year-old Chicago man, Alvin, who is dedicated to providing the best of care to his beloved wife, Sheila, who suffers from dementia.

The documentary includes interviews with Sheila’s daughter and her professional caregiver, as well as footage that captures a day-in-the-life with “Sheila the loveable.”

Time and again, we see caregivers struggle with guilt, denial, depression and exhaustion.

BrightStar Care, a full-service private duty home care franchise that provides both medical and non-medical care to clients from infants to elders, produced this short video documentary to help educate families.

“Families often underestimate the physical and emotional stress that comes along with caring for loved ones with Alzheimer’s or other dementias,” said Sharon Roth Maguire, MS, RN, GNP-BC, Chief Clinical Quality Officer for BrightStar Care.

“We hope to reduce the likelihood of that through education and by providing person-centered in home care of the highest quality for people with dementia.

BrightStar’s unique combination of RN involvement with every client, along with specially trained Certified Nursing Assistants and caregivers, sets us apart in the area of in-home dementia care, both in our ability to educate families and to support them and their loved ones in remaining safely at home.”

BrightStar Care’s head office is based in Chicago: http://www.brightstarcare.com

BrightStar Care’s Canadian head office is in Toronto: http://www.brightstarcare.ca

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