Some activities, such as sorting, pairing, matching and puzzles, should be offered once and then repeated twice during the week.

Remember that most activities that require movement – grasping, pressing, pushing, gripping, extending, scooping and reaching – are helpful in improving hand-eye coordination, maintaining interest, providing sensory stimulation and promoting wellbeing.

Supervision at all times is essential.

  1. Fiddle Box

    Collect items according to his/her previous profession or occupation. Place items in a box and present it to your mom or dad two, three times a day for "feel, touch, explore."

  2. Deck of cards

    Give your spouse a deck of cards to be separated into suits: spades, hearts, diamond and clubs.

  3. Music

    Play folk or popular music from your loved one's era – this never fails to please. Give percussions instruments to add to the fun.

  4. Rubber Tipped Darts Game

    This can be played by one or two people, each having three darts to throw. It does not injure players or damage walls.

  5. Untying Knots

    Buy a medium rope and tie a few simple knots. Ask the one you are caring for to "help" you untie the knots.

  6. Threading Yarn or String

    Buy large pasta loops to string together with a thick yarn or thin rope.

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