Saunie Brown

Volunteer Respite help needed desperately !

There seems to be no help with respite here in Maine for those of us who are "trying" our best to take care of our loved ones in their own home. I have been living with my elderly mother, who is now in advanced stages of dementia. I love her dearly but we have no help that we can afford. EIM is no help because there are not enough " home care" agencies who will sign on with EIM. There are a few, but none who will come to my area which is in Dedham, Maine. We are only 20 minutes to Bangor or Ellsworth. Whatever time I need a break, I have to pay someone $10.00 an hour to come here. I can't even keep my own Dr appointments because I can't afford to leave. Something needs to be done about this growing problem in our state. I am sure there are hundreds, maybe even thousands of caregivers in my situation, who are feeling the stress of being on duty 24/7 for those we dearly love. WE NEED HELP...WE NEED A BREAK ! What can we do about this ? There seems to be plenty of funding for some needed things in this state, and this is one of them who is in dire need ! What can be done about it ? That is what I would like to know. Some people may say that my post here is harsh, but try staying home every day and caring for a loved one,with no time for yourself. God help us ! .

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