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Dealing with death

Started by: Tina Novielli

My mom is in stage 5 of Alzhiemer 's and my sister is in her final stage of her life. my sister has…

Professional Caregivers


Started by: Gertrud Moore

When you work in a family and taking care of a grandparent what is light house keeping and what is too…

Overnight care

Started by: Gertrud Moore

What should you charge for 6 overnights?

Family Caregivers

Memory Concerns

Started by: Alex Gerrard

Hi there. My mother was recently diagnosed with Alzheimer's at the age of 67. I suspected for several…

Societies & Associations

Dementia Village

Started by: Jennie Olynyk

I recently watched the Dementia Village video and read the article posted on your site: https://alzlive.com/resources/long-term-care-elder-care-2/dementia-village/…

Family Caregivers

Vascular Dementia

Started by: Jennie Olynyk

A discussion board for those individuals with vascular dementia, and the carers and partners of those…