Anne Himmons

just a tip

I noticed on face book that you were starting a new project on AD and asking for tips. I do ot know whether this is where I put it but here goes>>> I live in uk. but altziemers/dementia is universal. So my tip for carers for people with this illness is "go with the flow" and keep calm. When my husband first started with this illness and I was not fully aware, I argued with him, thinking he was just being argumentative. After his diagnosis, and the onset of psychosis, I found that if I just agreed with what he was saying, I could keep calm, and he was happier that he had my agreement. At first this was very hard, especially when he thought I was poisoning him, but it does get easier if you just accept that this is the illness, not the person. I found that after a while he would forget that psychosis, and start with another. I had to find some method of diverting his thoughts, whilst still letting him think he was right. Do not know if this helps any of you carers out there, but I am sending you hugs and hope you are looking after yourselves too. Anne Himmons

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