Lynn Payton

Hereditary Alzheimer’s

I don't even know the questions to ask. I would like more resources directed specifically toward genetics. We have traced several generations in my husband's family and now he is showing many signs at age 52. I helped care for his mother when she suffered with this. However, as a wife, I am facing many difficult challenges. The blue collar, hard-working man I married is slowly becoming resentful toward me when he has any difficulties or confusion. He still works as a millwright every day and we still have a mortgage. I am scared to take him for a diagnosis for many reasons. The main reason is that I think he will give up and think "what's the use?" Also, he needs to keep working, not only for money but also for health insurance and his own sense of well-being. He simply doesn't know how not to work. I also work full-time. I need to start getting paperwork in order. When I mention a living will, medical power-of-attorney, etc. he immediately becomes defensive and says "I'm not crazy yet!" Well, to be honest, it is making me crazy. Already. I know that the road ahead is long and hard. Any suggestions is much appreciated.

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