Court Appointed Predators..

Court Appointed Predators.. The story of a $1.6 Million dollar fraudulent guardianship-- And a call to action. Trained to be on the alert for exploitative family members, in Washington County, MN, a system- including the law enforcement agents, social workers, and judges, who are charged with the duty of keeping our elder population safe --does just the opposite. Dorothy Lyons, and her son Bill have done just fine on their own, and Dorothy, whom the court calls incompetent, is still sharper than any tack at 80+ yrs old. Enough to have run the family business and keep it prosperous enough to bring the predatory offenders to salaciously, and without feeling take it all away. Who's assets are the court protecting? Certainly not Dorothy's (continued here: I wrote the blog above in hopes of stirring some discussion and possibly locating some advocacy resources for Dorothy. Please, if anyone can provide suggestions or links to sources where we may find an advocate that is up to a challenge of this magnitude, do so. I am eternally grateful that you took the time to read this. Jackie

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