About Us


Founded by Dave Kelso in 2014, Alzlive.com is a free, daily, digital lifestyle and news platform designed specifically for the unpaid family caregivers of Alzheimer’s and dementia patients in the United States and Canada and is owned by Kelso Publishing Inc. More than just a “magazine,” it is a robust, inspired experience. The content is comprised of curated articles from around the world, links to blogs, and original articles commissioned by the Alzlive editorial team. The editorial focus is on helping the family caregivers cope with their unique lifestyle. The tone is inspirational rather than purely utilitarian. However, the content is designed to be instantly of use, with links, phone numbers and help-lines so that the reader can immediately access help, tips and advice. Alzlive is hip, lively, hopeful and welcoming as well as informative and enlightening. Ultimately, Alzlive is for the caregiver.

Our Vision: To provide the tools, information and support – updated on a daily basis – so the caregiver may better perform the challenging task of looking after a cognitively impaired loved one, and thus increase their own health outcomes and effectiveness.

Our Mission: To create a social venture in the form of a media platform for Alzheimer’s family caregivers; to aggregate and develop informative content; to provide a forum to share experiences and connect with other caregivers; to play a key role in helping caregivers attain a manageable life.

Content Overview: To provide editorial that helps family caregivers not only cope, but provide better care to their Alzheimer’s afflicted relatives and do so in such a manner that improves their life as well. The editorial content – highly relevant and engaging to the caregiver reader – will be both practical and soulful. The editorial voice will always be one of support, understanding and community. Its tone will be life affirming, honest, practical, while anchored in reality with a sense of humor.

Content is both original commissioned articles authored by an impressive roster of journalist and health-care contributors, as well as aggregated content from around the world… all addressing topics of intense interest to the Alzheimer caregiver reader. Our editorial approach will produce highly engaging and intensely scrutinized content.

Who we are:

David Macfarlane – Editorial Director & Editor: 
David is an award-winning author whose features and columns have appeared in Saturday Night, Toronto Life, The Walrus, Toronto Star and The Globe and Mail. He is the author of the novel The Figures of Beauty, the bestselling memoir The Danger Tree, and the novel Summer Gone, a Giller Prize finalist. His editing projects include Toronto: A City Becoming (Key Porter Books), a collection of essays from Richard Florida, Sarah Milroy, David Crombie and Linda McQuaig. A thoughtful writer, David’s work is often surprising and inventive: creative values that underpin the editorial tone he sets for Alzlive.

Susan Grimbly – Managing Editor: Sue has worked as a section head and in management roles in magazines and newspapers for 30 years, including Financial Post Magazine, Financial Times, The Toronto Star and The Globe and Mail. She has developed and launched new products, including FP Magazine rebranded as Moneywise; Brand New Planet (a Torstar newspaper aimed at tweens), ebooks for Maclean’s special interest publications and Globe series, including “School Lunch,” “Philanthropy,” and a weekly “Activist” page, coordinated with the Me to We founders, Craig and Marc Kielburger. Truth be told, Sue is the real power behind the throne… which is good because it means that things actually do get done and she is oh so benevolent in the wielding of her power.

Jasmine Miller – Associate Editor: An award-winning writer and editor with extensive magazine experience and a proven ability to recognize, write, package and edit engaging stories, Jasmine is a strong manager with a track record of identifying talent and assembling winning editorial teams. Jasmine’s adroit editorial touch also engenders a sense of elegance to her work that her readers duly appreciate.

Dave Kelso – Publisher / President & CEO: 
From an early age, Alzheimer’s disease has been a part of Dave’s life. As he watched several of those close to him suffer through the disease – both as patient and caregiver – Dave became committed to creating a platform with the sole objective to aid those caregivers help and cope. The result of this dedication – and the result of a 30-year career as an art director creating work that engages and persuades – is Alzlive.com. Before founding Alzlive, Dave was Chief Creative Officer of MacLaren McCann Canada, running one of the largest creative departments in North America. A longtime disrupter, Dave’s passion for the belief that “good is the enemy of the great” underpins his hope that Alzlive.com is just one minuscule step in the march to create a more dementia-friendly world. His deft eye for design and raucous sense of humor anchor both Alzlive’s stylish look and wit. After all, as Dave is wont to say, “Always remember: laugh a lot… especially when things suck.”

Robert Tait – Exec. V.P. & COO:
 A writer by training, advertising professional by experience and a strategist by nature, Rob is Alzlive’s “furrowed brow” and designated responsible adult. A veteran of branded entertainment and content, Rob has a bag full of experience from his years in senior roles at Redwood Custom Communications, MacLaren McCann and BBDO. And while his reputation is that of a strategic creative thinker who has a penchant for story-telling and a passion for words, Rob is just as happy to crack open an Excel spreadsheet and work the numbers. Rob is also a frequent public speaker on the changing nature of media and its impact on marketing. Rob’s way with words and creative leadership has won him awards in content, interactive, advertising, CRM, direct mail and screenwriting.