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Poem: Time to Walk Away?

Poem: Time to Walk Away?


A poem by Norm McNamara who was diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer’s at the age of 52.

Norm wrote this poem for The Fisher Center Alzheimer’s Research Center, which is headed by Dr. Paul Greengard.

Greengard and his team of over 50 internationally renowned scientists have greatly accelerated the pace of research through a new technology they developed that is capable of analyzing thousands of brain cells at once.

While the team is devoted to finding a cure, and getting information out to caregivers, the site also has a very active and lively community. This charming poem captures the poignancy of the caregiving experience.

Time to Walk Away?

Is it time for me to walk away? and time to have a rest,
Is it time for me to sit right down and say “I’ve done my best?
Some-days I feel like this, Some days i sit and cry,
Weeping to myself, always asking “Why”

Yes we have seen such change, it’s been wonderful to share,
The best thing of it all, is knowing you all care
The birth of Purple Angels, the GPS alarm.
Keeping people safe, saving them from harm,

Changing people’s minds, from Florida to Wales,
Dealing in simple facts, and not some “Fancy” tales,
Walking into shops, meeting Face to Face,
Always we are guided, to make our worthwhile case,

Then came the Ambassadoors, Angels one and all,
Immediately saying YES, when they heard the call,
Putting lives on hold, to make a better life,
For people they don’t know, for husbands and for wives,

So sometimes when i am tired, and i`m feeling low,
And i start to think, it’s my time to go,
I remember the day myself, when i got the call,
To stand upon the stage, and asked to kick that ball,

The ball that started rolling, and getting bigger every day,
With every Purple Angel, that comes along our way,
So will i walk away, and leave it up to you?
Maybe not just yet, There’s so much more to do

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