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A Memorable Ice Dancing Moment

A Memorable Ice Dancing Moment


In a pilot project, Jacky Aisthorpe has been compiling the sporting memories of residents at Cranwell Court in England, and soon discovered a treasure trove of stories.

One lady had previously competed in ice dance competitions. A plan was soon hatched and a trip to Grimsby ice Rink arranged where, at the age of 96 years, she once again took to the ice thanks to a frame and some willing helpers, as the lady was taken into the centre of the rink.

A special moment was made all that more memorable as she was helped into a special sled and taken round the rink on the ice, experiencing the sensation of the wind on her face and the cold of the ice.

Sporting memories groups and activities will be rolled out across the county, after this successful pilot project, working in partnership with Grimsby Town Football Club Foundation and local health and social care organizations,

Peter Wheatley, Chair of the Health and Wellbeing Board, previously said of the news: “I am very pleased that the Board agreed to support this well deserving project. … Sharing sporting memories has shown to be a good way of stimulating and sharing happy times and to being a help for both people living with dementia and carers.”

Eric is another sporting resident of Cranwell Court, having been a keen boxer. Delving further into his sporting history, it transpires he was also a talented swimmer and competitive diver. Eric has already enjoyed a visit to a local boxing gym and plans are now being made to get to the local pool.

Alan’s memories centered on his footballing career. He had been offered professional terms after spending a season at Sheffield Wednesday as an amateur, but decided to take a safer job in a local factory!

“I went on to have a great career in football starting in 1948, playing back at the Grimsby YMCA. On 24/10/1949 I received a letter inviting me to attend trials at Sheffield Wednesday who I thought was a great club. I played for Sheffield Wednesday as an amateur for a year as a striker, Number 10 shirt.

“I was offered to sign to play professional for Wednesday but thought football was a chancy business to earn a livelihood as there were plenty of good jobs in Grimsby which offered a more secure future. As I didn’t sign for Sheffield Wednesday I was released and returned to Grimsby YMCA, Lincolnshire Amateurs and Scunthorpe United”

Grimsby Town invited Alan along to visit Blundell Park, which included a tour of the changing rooms and heading out through the tunnel to the pitch side. A further trip out saw Alan visiting the training pitches he once played on himself.

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