Sep 19 2014
QR codes help seniors get home safely

It’s no secret that Alzheimer’s and dementia have the ability to rob seniors of their independence.…

Sep 16 2014
How do we define dementia?

How do we define dementia?


Dementia is a symptom, not a specific disease. Leanne I. Hoppe, LSW, of in Bloomington,…

“Normal is just a cycle on the washing machine”

— Whoopi Goldberg —

Jul 30 2014
Let's change our language surrounding dementia

What if the language surrounding people living with cognitive impairment were to change? What if, for…

Sep 8 2014
Memory Clinics make it a family affair

How the Cartys took advantage of the full-service package offered by a family-practice-based memory…

Sep 8 2014
Whoopi Goldberg discusses Lewy Body Dementia

Find out what Whoopi knows and pass it on! Oscar winning actress Whoopi Goldberg, star of the critically…

Sep 12 2014
TIPS: Helping Kids Navigate Alzheimer’s

When your child’s grandparent is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s: 1. Be Honest. Give children a simple…

Sep 5 2014
Memory Ball is Fundraising with Style

You know your event is a success when it starts trending on Twitter. Which is exactly what happened…

Sep 16 2014
Broken health care system. Arghhh!

In the past three years, my mother's Alzheimer's disease had progressed to the point where she could…

Sep 11 2014
Ethnic-focused care in nursing homes

Woks and tandoori ovens. That’s what you’ll find in the various kitchens at the Yee Hong Centre…

Sep 11 2014
Alzheimer's Associations - Midwest

The following is a list of Alzheimer’s Associations within the midwest United States. These chapters…

Jun 18 2014
A clinical trial and its 'heroes'

Why you need to know about the international A4 clinical trial ... and why you should participate, whether…

Sep 11 2014
Alzheimer's Associations - Northeast

Support, education and resources, that's what the Alzheimer's Association and its chapters provide.…